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Landscaping in Melbourne is not the same as in Sydney, Brisbane or Perth. Find out why.


Articles on Landscaping

Ever wanted to know about design or how to use texture and colour in the garden, then go to PLANT ID for free articles.

If you want to know more about plant types and how to grow them, check out the Grower Guide at PLANT ID

Other gardening and landscaping articles include:

  • How to do things

  • Landscape design ideas and inspiration

  • Plant types

  • Understanding basic gardening techniques

  • How to find and select a gardener

  • What to look for when seeking a landscaper

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Other Sources of Articles
Gardening magazines are a great source for information. Choose one suitable for your climate and your garden. Every professional  landscape business in Australia should be subscribing to one or more gardening magazine to keep abreast of the public and trends.

This is our magazine table summary (as of March/April 2008):
Name Cost Advantages Disadvantages Website
subTropical Gardening Issue 11 assessment $7.95


100% dedicated to gardening and landscaping in warm climates - tropical, subtropical and warm temperate. Content rich with minimal adverts. Quarterly publication. Top quality print production sets new benchmark for gardening magazines.
Editor: Paul Plant

100 pages (8.5 pages of advertising) leaves 91.5 pages of relevant content)

Currently limited to 100 pages but shows potential for more diverse articles in future. Targets a few climate zones areas rather then all of Australia. Gardeners from cool temperate climate zones will find the magazine interesting, especially those with glasshouses.

Does not have a TV program.

informative website

subTropical Gardening subscription available on-line

Your Garden Autumn 2008 assessment $6.95


100% gardening. New format and content works well to address the various climate zones of Australia. Content rich. Quarterly magazine. Editor: Paul Urquhart

164 pages (38 pages of advertising)- leaves 126 pages of relevant content.

The Autumn 08 issue evaluated has a strong feel towards cool temperate climates (and it does a good job with those articles), however other months are better balanced for other climate zones.


No dedicated website !!!!


Gardening Australia
April 2008 assessment


100% dedicated to gardening. Content rich but also excessive advertisements. Monthly magazine. Supporting TV program is a bonus.
Jennifer Stackhouse
Magazine aims to provide gardening content for all regions of Australia.

Excessive adverts for the page numbers. 118 pages (40 pages of advertising) - leaves 78 pages of relvant content.

website for magazine is restrictive in content but does direct people to a central ABC website for more information.

subscription on-line available

Burke's Backyard April 2008 assessment $6.50


Reputation of magazine team for quality articles is still current. Monthly magazine. Editor: Don Burke

Loss of TV program was a loss for the public.

140 pages (39 pages of advertising) - leaving 101 pages of content relevant to the topic of horticulture, pets and 'lifestyle'= 10 pages on pets; 12 pages on kitchen gardens; the rest on gardening and landscaping.

informative website

subscription on-line available

Better Homes & Garden
April 2008 assessment


Caters to outdoors and indoors. Relationship to TV program is bonus. Editor: Julia Zaetta Excessive advertisements.

Excessive advertising for gardening readers - 71 pages of adverting leaving 133 pages of content. Only 35 pages relevant to gardening and landscaping.

informative website

subscription on-line available



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