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for Landscape Businesses

Besides typical businesses requirements (safety, tax, super, etc), the landscape industry has a few additional requirements.





In some states companies and/or individuals will need to be licensed to undertake certain landscape related works. Please refer to your appropriate state for guidelines.


State: New South Wales

License needed: any work over $200

License contact: Office of Fair Trading


State: Queensland

License needed: for any structural work over $1,100

License contact: Building Services Authority


State: Victoria

License needed: for any work over $5000

License Contact: Building Practitioners Board


State: South Australia

License needed: builder licence needed for most types of work

License contact: Office of Consumer and Business Affairs


State: Tasmania

License needed: If over $5000, builder license required

License contact: Tasmanian Compliance Corporation


State: Western Australia

License needed: if over $12,000 a builder license required

License contact: Builders Registration Board


State/Region: Northern Territory

License needed - nil

License contact: Building Practitioners Board


State/Region: Australian Capital Territory

License needed: currently unregistered

Licence contact: ACT Planning and Land Authority


A generic website that covers all states and territories, plus New Zealand, is  Builders Licensing Australasia



In most states it is illegal to undertake work with a client if it exceeds a certain value.

Eg. In Qld, work over $3,300 must be a contract.

Remember, that contracts protect both the consumer and contractor.


For other issues, contact your business lawyer and accountant.

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