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Date:19/12/2017 12:52:58 PM
Subject:Poinciana relocation
Message:Can any one tell me if it is possible to relocate a 2 metre high poiniana tree? The trunk below is not that thick I can wrap my hand around it and the top is stick thickness. I cut down an old tree that was dead and this has sprouted quickly in not an ideal location. Are the roots to large which makes it impossible? Will it survive a reloaction? What is the the best time to do this?
Date:Saturday, 6 September 2008
Subject:Delonix tree relocation
Message:This tree is best transplanted when it is deciduous - in winter.
It does have large roots but can handle a fair amount of cutting to lift it and move.
Always use seaweed solution well before planning to transplant any specimen
Date:Saturday, 11 October 2014
Subject:chi flat iron

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