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5 STEPS TO LANDSCAPING YOUR GARDEN 1. LOOK -Magazines, books, TV shows for ideas. These resources will help you fine tune your desires. -Observe your garden. Watch where the water flows, especially runoff during heavy rainfall periods. Watch the movement of sun/shade, the impact and direct of wind, and watch the wildlife (eg. brush turkeys, possums, hares, etc) and pets. -Botanic Gardens, neighbourhood, open gardens are all places worth visiting for inspiration and ideas. -See what is already in the garden and take a record of the flowers, shrubs, trees and how they respond to seasons. 2. ACTION -pH - Do a soil pH test. -Involve and consider everyone such as your family and neighbours as this is likely to be an investment for the long term. -Map the yard. Draw a mud map of the property, its size, north direction, existing trees, services, etc. -Identify your needs + wants + dislikes (consider such things as allergies, spikes, unattractive colours, etc). -Create a scrap book with images and notes on what you want to achieve -Consider various elements such as access for people and equipment; edible plants (vegetable patch and/or orchard); where the utilities are or should be; space for water raintank; is drainage necessary; is irrigation necessary. 3. NOW is the TIME as it's NEVER TOO LATE During periods of low temperatures, this is the time to design! During periods of low rainfall, this is the time to prepare the site doing works such as excavations, retainer walls, contouring, etc. 4. DECIDE Do you want to DIY (do it yourself) or DIFM (do it for me)? This may come down to cost, free time or your personal skills. Nurturing the garden and landscape is the PLEASURE and DELIGHT all gardeners experience. 5th STEP – RELAX, ENJOY and WATCH the landscape grow and develop!

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