Why Advertise with PLANT ID?

www.plant.id.au has been developed to capture horticultural and gardening target markets such as public, ‘clients’ and professional horticultural businesses; and to provide useful relevant information and services.

PLANT ID provides a single portal for users to:

• access gardening hints and latest releases
• to source tradespeople and paraprofessionals relevant to horticulture and gardening, for the purpose of employment
• to assist tradespeople and paraprofessionals to source related products and services.

PLANT ID provides gardening content for users to enjoy in a user-friendly structure.
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PLANT ID provides the opportunity to deliver targeted advertising. As a web-based horticultural marketing company, PLANT ID concentrates its efforts on national expansion and the introduction of new features. PLANT ID is able to provide the opportunity to have an effective internet presence by placing businesses and products in front of this large and targeted audience.

PLANT ID carefully focuses on Australian content. This gives it five major advantages over other directories, classifieds and websites.

Firstly , the tight focus makes it more useful for people who are searching for Australian-only content regarding gardening and lifestyle horticulture.
Secondly , the diverse range of tradespeople and paraprofessionals related to this industry can all be accessed from one website portal.
Thirdly , the geographic focus presents an opportunity for advertisers to target readers with a specific interest.
Fourthly , the E-newsletter is a tool that maximises your benefits.
Fifthly , it is available to people 24-7.


An E-Newsletter (or commonly called an ‘ezine’) is an online electronic newsletter or magazine.

E-Newsletters and ezines are considered the most successful internet marketing tools. There has been an explosion of E-Newsletters on the internet over the past years as companies realise the cost benefits compared to printed media (such as monthly gardening magazines).

E-Newsletters are the most powerful and cost effective way to attract qualified prospects on the net directly to your own company.

E-Newsletter advertising is a proven and growing online marketing medium. What makes this from of advertising work so well are the following three reasons:

1. Your ad is delivered directly to your target audience via email.

2. It's simple for prospects to answer your ad, either by emailing or by clicking on your hyperlinked URL address within seconds.

3. And best of all … clients don't have to find your offer, your ad finds them!

What PLANT ID will offer you as exposure in the E-Newsletter

Our E-Newsletter is delivered directly to our subscribers’ email addresses once a month. It covers issues such Major events, New releases, New sponsors (advertisers), Special offers, Gardening news, etc.

Your ad will exhibit your logo (or product) with relevant text, and appropriate hyperlink. A targeted audience based on our large subscribers list will see your ad.

Our current subscribers include: home gardeners, horticultural media, horticulturists, landscapers, designers, nurseries (wholesale and retail), professional gardeners, property maintenance operators, arborists, tree transporters, plus product supply companies related to these industries.

PLANT ID is the ideal conduit to assist your marketing strategy, whether you sell gardening products, plants, books, services or horticultural tools.

Due to the diversity among subscribers, non-horticultural companies will also benefit from this targeted marketing strategy.


PLANT ID can maximise your exposure by offering services to:
• garden product manufacturers and marketers
• increase and enhance web presence of horticultural related companies to industry people and the consumers
• non-horticultural companies trying to tap into these industry and consumer groups
• horticultural service providers and consultants wishing to gain internet presence
• promotion of new plants, products, books, etc and services to a targeted market

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