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To protect client’s privacy only a contact name, city and phone number are included – reasonable information required for the buyer to contact the seller.
PLANT ID places great emphasis on maintaining and enhancing the privacy and security of your personal information. With a number of strong security measures in place and the continued development of our internet services, our main focus is on improving existing measures as well as keeping you informed about the latest developments.

PLANT ID collects a range of information about visits to this website. This information is collected for statistical analysis use only and no attempt is made by PLANT ID to identify the user or their browsing activities.

Cookies may be used by the website.
Cookies are pieces of information a website can transfer to an individual's computer hard drive. The information remains on your computer until you end your browser session or close down your computer.
Most internet browsers are preset to accept cookies, but you can choose if and how a cookie will be accepted by configuring the preferences and options in your browser.
We make no attempt to identify you in any way when you are in the public section of PLANT ID website. If you use the secure section of our website (for example our online services) we may then use cookies to:
*determine whether your computer has support for cookies turned on (this allows us to advise that you need to enable cookies to use a particular service);
*help identify you during your secure session;
*time your session so you will be logged off if you are not using the service for a specified time period; and
*maintain an audit trail of your secure session.

Security Statement We utilise one of the most secure transaction channels available in the world today.
Our Ecommerce application includes the following security features :
All browsers are required to use a minimum of 40-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology (This means that there is no way to bypass the security systems).
Digital certification to verify integrity and authenticity from this website.
Encrypted card details are sent with your order to our accounts department to be processed. Your card details are erased from record as soon as your order is processed. This eliminates the risk of your credit card details being captured and used by unauthorised people.
Each order is checked, one by one by our accounts department before processing.. This reduces the possibility of credit card fraud.
Ecommerce functionality programmed and maintained by Mantis Technologies.. A sophisticated Australian website developer specialising in internet security and watertight website infrastructure.

What does this mean?
This means that when you order a product or service from our website, you can rest assured that the highest security checks have been put in place to make sure that your details will not fall into the wrong hands.

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